Ecko leaps into acting in HBO’s new freestyle series “Days of Roosters”

Ecko, popular figure of urban music and protagonist along with Ángela Torres and Tomás Wicz of the HBO strip Max Rooster days, a portrait of the lives of different young people in search of their identity within the framework of the freestyle scene in Buenos Aires that can be seen from this Wednesday on that streaming platform, he assured that the participation of male and female rappers in the cast “will it brings a true touch to the series, it was part of its purpose and what it needed ”.

“It was a very good experience and I think that is going to show in the series, that we did our best to make the movement feel seriously represented,” added the artist in dialogue with Telam ahead of the streaming launch of the production, in which other well-known figures of the genre also appear, such as Klan, Cacha, Stuart, Roma and Tata.

In the story, created by Hernán Gherschuny (Almost happy) and developed by the screenwriter Joaquín Bonet (Sandro from America) in collaboration with Sofía Wilhelmi (Plan V), Ignacio “Ecko” Spallatti plays León, a boy with a difficult family situation who decides to leave his home to settle in the City, where he reconnects with old friends where he will find an emotional refuge.

Among them are two former classmates from the school who will change their course: Rafaela (Torres), a former freestyler who strives every day to support her little son working as a delivery man, and Andy (Wicz), a non-binary young man who tries, without very successful and under the conservative gaze of adults, get a job to move alone.

Crossed by plots of friendship and love, the space that will consolidate the trio of early twentysomethings is that of freestyle, with its squares, its mystics and an invitation to build one’s own identity through the famous cockfights, a school that during the In recent years, it has experienced a marathon growth since its inception with the massive editions of El Quinto Escalón, held since 2012 in Rivadavia Park in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito.

Thus, over ten episodes – directed by Joaquín Cambre, renowned producer of video clips of Latin American artists – the proposal explores not only the challenges of climbing in the world of freestyle competitions to enter the big leagues, but also opts for bring to the screen the universe of an entire generation and a community that is distinguished by its unprejudiced heterogeneity, its codes, its ways of relating and the realities that run through it.

In this regard, Ángela Torres added in conversation with the aforementioned agency that her role “has something that is good to make visible, and that it has to do with issues that are being transformed with great patience”: “There are more places for girls in freestyle, But there is still a lot to work on, in terms of the space that is given to them but also because of the lyrics that are sometimes dedicated to them ”, he considered after learning about this movement through the series, for which he had to train with rappers from the environment that They will help her rhyme on camera.

“After this experience, my admiration for the girls of culture grew a lot, they were my example to build the character of Rafaela. There was an exchange of data that helped me a lot, and adding a little grain of sand interpreting it makes me very happy, “said the interpreter.

For his part, Tomás Wicz referred to his experience in Andy’s skin as a process “that had a lot to do with something personal”, because it appeared in his life “to give voice to a lot of things that he needed to express”.

“It seems to me that one of the protagonists is a queer person, more in a series aimed at youth, who I think needed to be represented in this type of product, and that was what attracted me the most about the project. The series integrates it as part of the search for various characters, and I think that is something beautiful, “he continued.

And about his approach and the bond he found in freestyle, he concluded: “I feel that there is something very interesting there, and that is that identity is built through words. Observing them taught me that intimate connection with what one wants to say, it seems to me that this has incredible magic and that from somewhere, it infects you ”.

Meanwhile, Ecko explained that at the time of translating into fiction a scenario that arose and was sustained organically for so long, “it added a lot that there were real rappers, who lived the entire growth process for years. ”.

“Beyond the fact that we had a script and certain lines had to be followed, we provided those touches and details that could not be missing,” he highlighted about the inevitable and enriching exchange that arose between him and his colleagues, from the musical stick, with the team of actresses, actors and filmmakers during the four months that the shootings lasted.

In addition, he predicted that the series “is going to break it”: “I like it when things are cool, all of us who are part of the project know how it was worked. We came with this rare situation of the pandemic, and we all wanted it to come out in the best way, “he recalled.

“I feel like they worked with incredible energy and we are super excited, we gave the best of each one. That is why, for me, it cannot fail ”, he concluded.

The cast of Rooster days It is completed with the participation of important local figures such as Carlos Portaluppi, Delfina Chaves, Julieta Zylberberg, Paola Barrientos, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk, Laura Cymer and Franco Rizzaro, among others.

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