Easy trigger: "There is no doubt that he is guilty and discredits the Police"

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The chief homicide prosecutor, Fernando Guzzo, said there is no doubt that the former police officer is guilty.

“Today I am the voice of the victim who is not there because he was savagely murdered by Mr. Méndez,” said Guzzo and He detailed the two events in which the former police officer allegedly abused his power.

One of them occurred on June 27, 2018, when, one day when he was frank and in civilian clothes, he had an argument with a soldier in San Carlos, which ended with a shot in one of his legs.

The second event was almost a year later, when the May 1, 2019, when he was in uniform, they requisitioned two men and one of them ran to escape. “He acted the same, purely handsome, but dressed as a policeman in a humble neighborhood. There was a young man and he arbitrarily wanted to identify him, without there being any suspicious attitude. He had no ID and ran. Méndez ran him 200 meters with his gun in hand and fired six shots, two of which hit Ricardo Bazán’s humanity, and left. Left it lying like a dog“.

In both cases used the statutory firearm provided by the state.

For her part, the prosecutor in the case Andrea Lazo detailed all the evidence that will be presented in the two cases. In one of them with the presence of the first victim, experts and witnesses. In the second fact, the personnel of the Forensic Medical Corps who carried out the necropsy will declare., as well as Méndez’s fellow police officers, among witnesses and other experts who participated in the investigation.

Juan Dantiacq and Lucas Locour are the plaintiffs representing Ricardo Bazán’s family. They assured that Méndez did not notify his colleagues about what happened and did so 20 minutes later, when they found out that the 29-year-old man, who He was a garbage collector and a bricklayer, he had died in a health center.

They added that he fired for no reason, and that they were neither dissuasive nor intimidating shots.

Then it was the defense’s turn, represented by Dr. Albarracín, who told the 12 jurors that the Public Prosecutor’s Office made Méndez see as the murderous and violent policeman.

He stated that during the debate many inconsistencies and contradictions will be known, and that the facts were not as simple as the Homicide prosecutors reported. In addition, he left the question of how the cause of the homicide was unified with that of the injuries that occurred in the Uco Valley.

Finally, the defender Nélida Basso made her opening statement: “He did not intend to kill Bazán. Alexis was fulfilling his service, he was in uniform in a dangerous neighborhood, in the dark at 10 at night. You can’t see anything. And he was doing his duty. Together with his two companions, Martínez and Barroso, they stopped a truck leaving La Favorita. We all know that it is a humble neighborhood but where some of the most serious crimes are committed. “

“Since he was appointed, he has worked at Police Station 59. Méndez has worked there for 8 years. Never had a problem, the first problem is this“added the defender.

And he added: “The Prosecutor’s Office is going to ask for guilt pointing out that there was an intention to kill him. I am going to ask for guilt because there was negligence and excess in their functions“.

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