Easy trigger: "The policeman had threatened him and told him it was going to be a ballot"

People who witnessed the sequence that night also gave their version. Bazán’s girlfriend, local residents and even José Alexis Méndez’s colleagues They coincided in that the young man had been searched and they did not find any foreign element. This is not a minor fact since the file contains a seizure of a homemade weapon at the scene of the incident., although the Prosecutor’s Office has the theory that the Police “planted” it.

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They are investigating if Ricardito Bazán died of a case of easy trigger.

The two policemen who were with José Alexis Méndez that night assured that due to their experience it is impossible for them to have missed detecting the firearm on probing. One of them, who was the superior of the accused, said that several minutes after the attack it was that Mendez called him apologizing and admitted that he had fired.

While A tax assistant who intervened in the event explained that he was struck by the number of police officers who were at Police Station 59 that night and that they were notified an hour after that the perpetrator of the shots was a cashier.

Between this Tuesday and Wednesday, the witnesses will finish testifying in the jury trial. After this, the stage of allegations will continue where prosecutors Fernando Guzzo and Andrea Lazo will insist with a verdict of homicide aggravated by their status as a police officer -perpetual imprisonment-, as well as the plaintiff lawyers Lucas Lecour and Juan Dantiacq. While the defense seeks a conviction for homicide in excess of the line of duty – from 1 to 5 years.

Easy trigger?

In the last hours of May 1, 2019, Bazán was aboard a Ford Ranger truck that was parked in the 14 de Noviembre neighborhood, in the area of The favourite. A police cell occupied by three officers, including Méndez, approached to identify the occupants. At that moment, Bazán tried to run away as he had a warrant for his arrest in a minor injury case. Nevertheless, he ended up wounded with two of the six shots fired by José Alexis Méndez.

The wounded man was transferred to a nearby health center but ended up losing his life. At the scene of the incident, a homemade weapon was found that did not work, but there is a suspicion that it was planted by police officers to simulate that there was a crossfire.

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