Easy to activate: Do you know this camera trick for Samsung smartphones?

The smartphones of the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy A series are among the Korean manufacturer’s best-selling cell phone models. Newer models, such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G or the Samsung Galaxy A72, impress with their good cameras.

The most common functions, such as different photo modes, image size, and flash, can be set instinctively. But your Samsung camera has numerous other features that make using the app easier and improve the quality of the images.

For example, you can not only take one photo with your camera, but also take multiple photos in a very short time using a series of shots; you can read how to do this in the next paragraph.

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Handy camera features for Samsung phones: Continuous recording & video trigger

The new Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 has a very good camera.

CHIP/Marcus Kampf

One Photos with burst shooting to make, all you have to do is pull white trigger down. Then a 0 appears automatically, which starts counting and takes pictures in the number of the number displayed. Depending on the mobile phone model, up to 30 or more serial images are possible per shot.

If you would like to view the photos and sort them out if necessary, you can tap on the preview at the bottom left and view the entire series. You can use the feature with both the indoor and the main camera.

Also, you can join quickly start a video with the shutter button, without having to switch to video mode. Simply press and hold the white trigger for a second or two. The button then turns red and starts recording.

notice: Make sure your finger is always on the shutter button when recording video. If you take it down, the recording will stop.

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