Dying Light 2: Console demo and co-op teaser revealed

Developer says more news will come later this month

A Techland revealed this Thursday (13) new details of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. The developers presented through the framework Dying 2 Know, no canal do YouTube from the company, a brief demonstration of the game running on consoles, as well as a little gameplay of the game’s cooperative mode. Dying Light 2: Stay Human should be released next day February 4th.

On consoles, you can see that the Techland, apparently, opted for the 30fps in the past generation, Xbox One X e PlayStation 4. In the last generation, the gameplay seems to run on 60 frames per second. These, however, are just impressions based on the short video provided by the developers, who opted for a demo that didn’t take up the entire screen. Official information regarding the fps rate on each console should be revealed soon.

No Twitter, a Techland pointed out that the published console gameplay is just a preview and stated that more news will come later this month.

In game scenes Co-op, the video (below, from the 4:09) highlights the presence of four characters that will be able to advance together during gameplay. Progress and items earned during the co-op session will follow back to your own game after the session ends.

Check out the sixth episode of Dying 2 Know, with subtitles in Portuguese.

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Confusion in the last week

To try to convince players that they can get quite busy with Dying Light 2, a Techland published, last Saturday (08), that the game would take about 500 hours to be fully completed. The information, however, was not well received by the public who were surprised by the amount of time presented.

Days later, the developers clarified that the main campaign should only take 20 hours of play. The 500 hours must be spent only by those who want to “max out the game with all side quests, endings, choices, check everything on the map, find all collectibles and experience all dialogue options”, reinforced the Techland.

After confusion, Techland explains that Dying Light 2’s main campaign will last 20 hours
The previously announced 500 hours serve to fully maximize the game


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Via: GameSpot Source: Techland

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