Due to sold-out tickets, “Las chicas de la culpa” adds a new function in El Círculo

Comedians Malena Guinzburg, Connie Ballarini, Natalia Carulias and Fernanda Metilli are the protagonists of The girls of guilt, a phenomenon that grows and expands both in person and by streaming with functions that are always unique and that, due to the sustained success, plans to expand to other formats. It had already been announced that the proposal would arrive in Rosario this Saturday at 9:30 p.m., now, due to sold-out tickets, they added a new show at 7:30 p.m., both at the El Círculo theater.

“This proposal contributes something that was never done: genuinely show a meeting with friends when before, on television, theater and cinema,” the meeting of men “was always shown. Here we are a group of real friends who speak and play in front of the public ”, Metilli pointed out in communication with the news agency Télam.
Along these lines, Guinzburg contributed: “It is a look at four very different mines that we get on and talk about things that before we didn’t even share with our friends. And every time we talk a little more ”.

The girls of guilt It offers face-to-face functions and is also replicated by streaming in an initiative that its own makers link to a television experience where the themes are modified every week. Tickets for your arrival in the city are on sale from 920 pesos at the Mendoza and Laprida theater box office or at Ticketek.com.ar.

“The girls of guilt”: four comedians doing a phenomenon that goes from theater to streaming

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