Driver hits her truck against business in Torreón

A driver hit her truck against a yogurt sales business located in the Campestre La Rosita neighborhood of the city of Torreón, four people were injured in the events.

The accident occurred around 8:30 p.m. on Monday on Paseo de La Rosita, at the height of Paseo de La Quemada street in the aforementioned sector.

The responsible unit is a Ford Expedition truck, with Durango state license plates, which was driven by a 69-year-old female named María del Refugio.

The first expert reports indicated that the woman entered the parking spaces but did not apply the brakes and caused damage to the windows of the facade to end up inside the premises.

A total of eight people were inside, four of whom were injured, but none seriously.

Red Cross paramedics treated 25-year-old Brenda, 26-year-old Ramiro, 51-year-old Carmen and 55-year-old Guadalupe.

The presence of personnel from the Fire Department and Municipal Civil Protection was also required.

Agents from the Municipal Public Security Directorate provided support in the emergency.

The personnel of the Department of Experts of the Municipal Court of Justice, was in charge of taking knowledge of the facts.

The case was referred to the competent authority and the responsible vehicle deposited in a city yard for safekeeping.

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