Dr. Polo de Case Closed announced happy news

Without a doubt Ana Maria Polo Gonzalez, is a Cuban-American lawyer and television presenter who over the years has shown that she has great talent for the artistic world. In addition, in terms of her academic training, the popular host has a doctorate in Law. Without a doubt, her most important role and what she is known for throughout the world is for being the presenter of the television program of Telemundo, Case closed.

The Dr. Polo as it is popularly known, it began to appear on television in April 2001 in the program Couples room, transmitted by Telemundo. There she solved various cases between couples as a referee. She is known for yelling at guests that they are disrespectful to her, someone else in court, or the law.

For its part, in 2005 the show was renamed as Case closed and the format was altered regarding the number of cases it can receive per program. As well as new sections were included within the show, where she helps educate the audience on a variety of law-related topics. Along with the new format, a song was created for the show, the lyrics of which were written by herself.

The popularity of the Ana María Polo on social networks that every time you post on your official accounts, your followers react immediately with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments praising how well you are currently as well as everything you share.

On this occasion, he took advantage of his popularity in his official accounts to give happy news about his personal life. It has to do with the fact that Christmas has already arrived at Dr. Polo’s house. That is why on his Instagram profile he shared a series of photos of his Christmas tree with a message that reads the following: “Hello friends! Christmas has arrived at my house. I really enjoy decorating my tree and each ornament has its meaning. Tell me how you decorate it if you have that tradition. Happy start of the holidays for everyone. I love you!”


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