Denied appeal to Cuban opponent José Díaz Silva, sentenced to two years of correctional work

The president of the Opposition Movement for a New Republic (MNOR), Jose Diaz Silva, will have to comply the sentence of two years of correctional work without confinement imposed on him by the Municipal Court of Boyeros, as the appeal filed by his lawyer had been rejected by the People’s Provincial Court of Havana.

“Today, Monday, September 13, 2021, they sent him the response to the appeal that the lawyer Osvaldo Rodríguez Díaz and I made to the sentence full of manipulations made by the Municipal People’s Court of Boyeros. As expected, the court ruled and dismissed the appeal, ”said Díaz Silva on his social networks.

Once the sentence was handed down by the Municipal Court of Boyeros, the opponent denounced that the trial was carried out in the Municipal Court of Diez de Octubre, which he described as an irregularity. Díaz Silva’s alleged crime was threatening (something he denies) a neighbor who entered his property to steal.

“They had to give this answer on the 10th but they did not want to send it and the lawyer had to protest today, Monday the 13th, to be sent. The thief has the right to steal from our homes, protected by all this mafia: police, State Security, judges and prosecutors ”, denounced Díaz Silva.

For the MONR leader, in this judicial process all his rights have been violated for the sole reason of being an opponent of the Cuban regime. “My lawyer was sure that this woman was going to end up sentenced, not me, because I am innocent. All I did was take her out of my yard, after several times she blatantly entered to steal. What happens is that she is part of the dictatorship, ”Díaz Silva declared in mid-August.

At first, Díaz Silva, a peasant producer from Santiago de Las Vegas, and his lawyer were convinced that the accusation of threats made by their neighbor, Danay Castro, was not going to succeed. However, far from condemning her for her alleged crimes, the regime’s justice ended up condemning the opponent.

“All this is a circus armed by the dictatorship and justice is not applied,” declared the national coordinator of MONR at the time, who assured that It is not the first time that he has suffered these abuses, organized by the plaintiff, who plans robberies with her accomplices in their crops and then accuses him of threats.

Once the appeal was rejected, Díaz Silva affirmed that more than justice, what he seeks with this strategy is to make visible the defenselessness and injustices that are committed in a totalitarian regime such as the Cuban one.

“Let it be known that we are doing this to show that all these people: mafia, terrorists, Miguel Díaz-Canel, his thugs, prosecutors and judges, are not governed by any law, only by the hatred they maintain against us, activists of the human rights and the people in general, ”said the opponent.

Likewise, the MONR leader and Cubadecide activist denounced that his organization, which turned 18 on May 25, is suffering increased repression by the authorities and that this process against him is part of this retaliation.

“We are not afraid of them nor have they been able to bend us. We show the world and international organizations that the Constitution, the Law and all those who run it are a gang of criminals, violators of all our rights, ”concluded José Díaz Silva, an opposition leader who has been arbitrarily detained several times, and that he has been imprisoned three times (in 1981, 2004 and 2009), the last two times with his children, who share their father’s ideals.

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