DD Pro: Fanatec launches official steering wheel for Gran Turismo series games

Developed in partnership with Polyphony Digital, the model has a direct drive system for more realism and precision.

This Wednesday (24) Fanatec finally revealed its new generation of steering wheels, called Gran Turismo DD PRO. Designed specifically for Polyphony Digital’s GT series racing games, the model is compatible with PlayStation 5, PS4 and PC and brings a series of differentials, starting with the Direct Drive technology.

According to Fanatec, the direct drive system uses a 100% customized motor, developed in Germany, to deliver a degree of performance far superior to other Force Feedback technologies available on the market.

The result is the transmission of more nuances to the player, from the resistance of the steering wheel to its response to impacts and collisions. Other parts of the Feedback system include a carbon fiber reinforced rotation axis.

there is an arm to hold

In its simplest configuration, the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD PRO steering wheel has 5 Nm of sustained torque. With the Boost kit (optional, sold separately), this value rises to 8 Nm. The part does not require the use of active cooling, being built in an aluminum case that already acts as a passive cooler.

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built like a tank

The Gran Turismo DD PRO comes with a kit of two pedals constructed completely of metal (except for the rubberized surface), with sensors calibrated for braking and acceleration.

Additionally, buyers can purchase a 3-pedal version with Load Cell system for more realism. In both versions, the Brake pedal has a heavier spring, combined with a PU shock absorber. to simulate the operation of the brakes of a real car.

Fanatec still guarantees that all components are automotive quality, with quick coupling and disengagement systems, compatible with the rest of the Direct Drive line of the brand. The connection between the pedals, joysticks and handbrake (from the optional kits) is made by highly durable RJ12 ports.

Dual Pedal Kit

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Designed for Gran Turismo and more

The Fanatec Gran Turismo DD PRO is advertised as the first Direct Drive compatible with PlayStation. In partnership with Polyphony Digital, the brand designed every aspect of the steering wheel for compatibility with racing simulation games. That’s why it comes with ergonomic paddles and all the commands you need to navigate through game menus.

O steering wheel itself is 280 mm in diameter, which according to the brand is ideal to represent the experience in most Gran Turismo 7 vehicles.

Fanatec DD PRO information

In addition to all commands, 4 directional buttons and 11 buttons, DD PRO still has RevLED indicators in yellow, red and blue, plus a beautiful OLED screen for menu access and car telemetry. In the trailer it is even used as a speedometer, replicating much of the information shown on the screen.

DD PRO commands

While not clearly mentioning the Xbox, Fanatec claims that compatibility exists, but that it depends on the implementation of each game. For PC use, compatibility is tested and certified directly by Fanatec. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 are the platforms officially announced.

Box Fanatec

Launch and availability

As Fanatec Gran Turismo DD PRO steering wheel pre-sales start on the 26th of November this year and are expected to shipping from March 26, 2022. Remember that the release date for Gran Turismo 7 released by Sony was March 4th, so the steering wheel should arrive a little later.

The base version of the Fanatec Gran Turismo DD PRO with 5 Nm of torque and double pedal will cost 699.95 Euros (approximately 4,400 reais, without considering taxes).

The Kit with a torque of 8 Nm starts from 849.95 Euros. The more robust configuration, with a torque of 8 Nm and triple pedal will cost €969.85.

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