Darío Barassi got into Diego Leuco’s dressing room, found something "rare" and he sent it to the front: “Why do you have it, baby?”

If there are a couple of virtues that characterize Darius Barassi they are his acid humor and mischief. And all that combo goes with him, even when he’s off the air. His colleagues fromPass you know: after recording 100 Argentines say got into the dressing room of Diego Leuco, and when he found a strange object on his desk, he scribbled it on instagram.

He’s cute, he’s cute, you already liked him. You already said, it is a divine”, He is heard telling the actor in his stories while his description is accompanied by a panning that he does both to the journalist and to the room in which it occurs before going live with the newscast.

With Leuco tempted with laughter and attentive to what joke his channel partner was going to make on him, Barassi continued showing the place until he stopped at a zip-lock holster. Boca that was on the desk of the presenter of Telenoche. “Look now. Look at his cartucherita. This is a lot, guys! Is it from high school? “Dario commented when he saw said school object.

And after Diego himself confirmed that this tool was from when he was going to secondary school, the actor added: “¿¿And why do you have it, baby? Na, everything is beautiful. And your coffee? How sad the glass! Buy yourself a cup”. Surprised by the cataract of criticism he received from his partner, the journalist limited himself to promising Barassi to buy a cup for his coffee.

According to this portal, he was able to find out that among the station’s colleagues there is a very good vibe and the fact that the video was recorded inside Leuco’s dressing room has to do with the fact that it is next to Barassi’s. “He just finishes recording when we are going to Telenoche “explained the host of the El Trece newscast.

“Look at his cartucherita. This is a lot, guys! Is he from high school? And why do you have it, baby? Na, everything is beautiful. And his coffee? How sad the glass! Buy a cup”, criticized Barassi .

And in dialogue with PaparazziRegarding this relationship between colleagues, Diego shared: “We always cross paths, we chat and we fuck. With Luciana also because she has her dressing room in front of mine”. In addition, the radio communicator Miter referred to the cartridge belt in question.

I have it since the third year of high school, approximately”Leuco confessed regarding this school accessory that could well be a cabal. And it should be remembered that on another occasion it was he also showed how the place is inside where he prepares to go on the air … and there was the same pencil case.

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