Dannia Guevara: Miss Guatemala reveals if she has a boyfriend, if she is jealous and if she wants to have children

Miss Guatemala Dannia Guevara, who was disqualified from the International Coffee Reign and Miss Universe, shared on her Instagram account some of the answers he gave to his followers about aspects of his love life and your future plans.

As it became known last January 7, Guevara and the representative of Portugal were disqualified in Manizales, Colombia, after having had contact with Miss Dominican Republic, who was infected with coronavirus.

Miss Universe Guatemala issued a statement at the time in which it pointed to the Colombian organization having failed to comply with health protocols to avoid contagion of covid-19, as they indicate that the participants were required to complete a vaccination schedule and a negative test carried out at least 24 hours before their arrival.

Recently the Guatemalan clarified to his followers several doubts that made him reach through the “Ask me a question” function on Instagram.

The questions were focused, more than anything, in his love life and in his future plans.

On her account, the Guatemalan has more than 100,000 followers.

These are some of your responses.

Show us your evening dress that you were going to wear in Colombia

Dannia showed off an elegant suit.

What was your first reign?

“Miss little one. I was 4 or 3 years old, ”Dannia responds.

Have a boyfriend?

“You,” he responds.

Where does your boyfriend live?

“In my heart”

Are you jealous of your boyfriend?

Obviously not, haha. Or do I look jealous?

If you want to have children, at what age?

“At 26, maybe. Haha.”

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