Danna Paola clarifies alleged rivalry with Ángela Aguilar

The singer and actress Danna Paola is one of the great stars of pop music of this generation, she has managed to place her songs among the first places of popularity in streaming, radio and sales. On the other hand, Ángela Aguilar is the heir to the Aguilar dynasty, who, accompanied by her father and brother, has built a career in the Mexican regional, placing herself as one of the favorites by the public.

In social networks, the Elite actress was questioned about whether there is any rivalry with the interpreter of “In reality.”

“‘What rivalry, friends? My performance at the Latin Grammy was just about that, it was an invitation to all my colleagues with a lot of respect and admiration as well, of all the support, that we continue together, that we shake hands , that we never leave or shut up, “said the interpreter of” Hey Pablo. “

In addition, the singer highlighted Angela’s talent: “Angela is beautiful, I love her, she sings divine, I saw her there, she was beautiful, I admire her a lot, she is a very talented girl, I would love at some point to do something with her, for course “.

Danna made it clear that she is not interested in generating controversy with other singers: “You have to talk about talent, about beautiful things, as you are asking me right now about work and enjoying life, you don’t know what happens tomorrow … . I don’t get involved in anyone’s life, don’t ask me about gossip. I don’t think anyone likes to be messed with in their life. “

Recently Danna Paola was at the Latin Grammys, where in addition to singing the song “Calla tú”, she was one of the nominees of the night for her album “KO” which she lost to “Mis Manos” by Camilo in the best album category. vocal pop. However, Danna continues at the top of her career, waiting to release her seventh studio album, her most recent single is the song “Cachito” with Mau and Ricky.

On the other hand, Ángela Aguilar continues with her solo career and on tour with her family, a few days ago she released the video of the song “Ella qué te gave”, a collaboration with the duet Jesse & Joy.

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