"Daniel Bisogno rethought in his …": Jesús Ochoa throws himself against the driver of Ventaneado

MEXICO CITY.-Jesus Ochoa he threw himself against Daniel Need during a press conference.

The leader of the National Association of Actors (ANDA) commented: “Reporters should inform themselves before asking. There is Daniel Bisgono, very comfortable recasting his nalgotas … saying they are wrong, they are wrong … they do not investigate nothing, “he commented.

Why did Jesús Ochoa say this about Daniel Bisogno?

The comments came after a reporter from Windowed (where Bisogno works) will ask the actor about what the background of the YOU.

Ochoa replied that everything is on the website, and that it is used in hospitals, medicines and other supplies.

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However, he asked reporters to investigate, because all the information is available.

On the other hand, he said that they are already working so that the actors have the right to Infonavit, bank loans, protection of the Ministry of Finance, among other things.

What did Daniel Bisogno answer?

Daniel thanked Jesus ironically for the comment of the “nalgotas“.

“My Chucho, thanks for the nalgotas, because the truth is that they are good … the fact is that I am consigned, I can’t get on the page much, but remember that you consigned me. My Chucho gets angry, he gets very angry because they question it … if we are looking for something in this country, it is people who allow themselves to be questioned because we want accounts, “he said.

What is ANDA?

The National Association of Actors (ANDA) is a legally constituted and recognized union in Mexico that brings together the acting and artistic union of that country.

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