D’Amico on attacks and threats: "We won’t hand over the club to the violent"

It is a very difficult situation to deal with. Another time they attacked my family. Cowards, is the only word to define those responsible for this. They already did it five years ago“, D’Amico remarked in a report with the program” The first in the morning “of LT8.

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The leader of “leper” did not hesitate to say that the events of this week “have to do with the bar and the culprits are going to pay. We have lived through these methods of violence for 14 years. They are practices from the time of Eduardo López. The partners cannot allow the arrival of people linked to that time. “


I tell the partner not to be afraid. Two club models will be voted on Sunday. One from the López era and the other from now. The Newell’s of the present is the Newell’s of the future, a club open to the family. That is in constant progress and they will not be able to stop us”, Remarked D’Amico, who currently holds the title of the institution.

The leader said that “it is not easy” to banish the violent from the club. “The support of the partners and also of the State, of the Justice is needed. I have no doubt that the specific event last night, as said by the Security Ministry official Diego Lluma, has to do with the Newell’s bar. Even so, we will clarify it and the guilty will pay itn”.

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