Dady Brieva taken out by the Kirchnerist defeat in the PASO: homophobic metaphor and other outbursts

The harsh defeat of Kirchnerism in the PASO deeply affected its most fervent followers and one of those who made catharsis in the media was the militant comedian Dady Brieva, who appealed to a homophobic metaphor to account for the anger with Peronism that was expressed in the polls.

Brieva said she understood the frustration of those who demanded solutions from the Government, but not that Together for Change was the most voted force in the entire country.

“Let the conclusion be I make myself a fucking because I get on badly with my wife, I do not understand. I mean, change of sexual option”, launched Brieva. At that time, one of the journalists who participated in the screening with the previous program said ironically that she understood his metaphor: “It is always understood because I am clear. I am incorrect but I am clear,” he insisted.

And he continued: “Why the macrismo again? When I saw him sitting again (in reference to Mauricio Macri) with Lanata (in El Trece) I said wow. I can’t digest those things,” the intermittent Midachi launched in the pass before the start of his program on El Uncover radio, Roberto Navarro’s radio station.

The noisy metaphor used by Brieva came after she put into words the possible anger of the most frustrated K voters with the Government: “I got mad mad, you told me you were going to feed me and you won’t give me, you were the one who gave to eat, Peronism, but you didn’t give me, “he synthesized.

During a fiery pass in which he analyzed the reasons why, according to him, the Government suffered the hard electoral setback, Brieva also appealed to other metaphors. He emphasized that “you are getting weaker with elections like yesterday’s, you are getting weaker in the media.”

And he attacked: “Do you know what happens?” That in 2015 that happened to us. We were left on the canvas, you lost your job, you sucked porongas to feed your daughters, you and everyone else … “. / Clarín

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