Cynthia Rodríguez makes an impact with a golden palazzo, poses with the elegance of a queen

The host always stands out from all her colleagues in the world of show business, since at 37 she looks beautiful. On this occasion, he dazzled through his Instagram account with a golden palazzo that defines his waist and highlights its beauty.

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Her Instagram account, in addition to being where she boasts how beautiful she is, has also become a catalog of ideas and outfits for each season, since we can see from dresses From gala to shorts on the beach, since the host enjoys sharing her best moments with all her followers.

Today through a publication on his Instagram account, he showed us a very suitable garment for this season autumn, it is a palazzo black with gold figures, which cover most of the garment, this has a detail at the waist.

A detail that defines her tiny waist, Cynthia Rodríguez decided to combine it with some pretty golden sneakers with ankle straps, which look great. The makeup and hairstyle was very simple, since it was conformed by an outline and nude lips.

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Her hair was only wavy, but it looks great with the design she has. Cynthia Rodríguez today preferred comfort, but without leaving glamor and looking beautiful. The publication She was accompanied by a message in which she declares her love for comfortable outfits.

Since apparently he has had quite heavy days, which only mean running in various directions without control. Their followers nor they hesitated to send positive messages like, “What a beautiful woman”, “How powerful you look with those colors”, in addition to many hearts.

It is clear to us that Cynthia Rodríguez is a woman who empowers and motivates everyone to be beautiful in our own way. This outfit is something unusual for her, but I can’t deny that she looks beautiful, I think if she posed in pajamas there wouldn’t be much difference.

We recently saw her look very empowered in a red outfit, which not only made her look prettier than normal, in addition to the novel crown of roses that she wears on her head, a detail that could not pass. unnoticed and that made her look like a queen.

I am always surprised by the beauty of Cynthia Rodríguez, in this photograph we do not have the presence of her boyfriend Carlos Rivera placeholder image, which is always very aware of how beautiful the girlfriend looks in the broadcast of each program of which she is the host.

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