Cuban priest Alberto Reyes: We are tired of a miserable life with no other horizon than emigration

The Cuban priest Alberto Reyes affirmed that Cubans “are tired of a miserable life with no other horizon than emigration,” in a post that reflects on how a the authorities of the Cuban regime are not interested in dialogue to solve the country’s problems.

In a text entitled “Between fears and hopes”, the parish priest first referred to to the act of repudiation that a group of people did the November 15, while I was in the Archbishopric of Camagüey, and to another similar event of which he was a victim the following Tuesday, in his parish of the town of Esmeralda.

Likewise, it denounced in the publication that an official of the Office of Religious Affairs from that town refused to receive it. This representative, in addition, has spoken negatively about the work of the Cuban religious in different public spaces, including social networks. “I also asked for an interview with the official of the Office of Religious Affairs in Camagüey, and the answer was the same: ‘I am not going to be received,’ “commented the priest.

“For a long time, and even more so since this people began to claim their rights, the word that has been repeated the most is ‘dialogue’, but what do you do when the guest does not want to talk, when there is no interest in listening, when there is no political will to sit at the same table and face what Cuba has serious problems that they do not absolutely depend on that convenient wide-mouthed sac called ’embargo’? ”, commented the priest.

In that sense, he pointed out that he is afraid that the people will tire not to achieve results by peaceful means and go to acts that endanger the physical integrity of people. “I am concerned about the increase in those who begin to believe that the solution is only possible through violence”, He pointed out.

In the same way, he expressed his concern for the indolent attitudes of the authorities that they no longer even receive those who have something to say and affirmed that the initiatives should no longer come from the State, but from the people, since it is Cuban civil society the one that must become independent of official speech.

It is time to start “to generate your own ideas from the small, from the apparently insignificant, because that exercise of dialogue “in small”, is opening mentalities, is bringing light, is making us increasingly aware of what we want as a nation and what is owed to us, “said the Cuban parish priest.

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