Cuban opponent is savagely beaten with a baseball bat

The vice president of the Cuban Libertarian Party, Heriberto Pons, was savagely beaten this Friday by State Security agents with a baseball bat, in what constitutes a graphic example of the repression of the political police in Cuba.

“URGENT! Brutal beating of the vice president of the Cuban Libertarian Party José Martí by 2 subjects who fled in a white Lada, where 2 other criminals were waiting for them. He received the blows to the body and limbs, as he tried to protect his head, ”the political group reported via Twitter, sharing images of the injuries suffered by the opponent.

After the brutal beating, Pons went to the Miguel Enríquez hospital due to the severe pain caused by the hits. As the organization described in another tweet, the hospital did not prescribe anything to him, since they did not have painkillers or anti-inflammatories.

“In particular, I have no enemies,” clarified Pons in a video broadcast on social networks, with the aim of explaining his noble and peaceful character, which has earned him the respect and affection of those who know him. “My only enemies are the agents of State Security,” he stressed.

According to the two members of the Cuban Libertarian Party who ran to the aid of Pons, preventing the beating from being even more serious, a total of 4 repressors participated in the criminal operation. Two who hit and two others who were waiting in a white Lada. The attackers fled the scene as soon as they saw the opponents who came to their aid, getting into the vehicle that sped off.

“On September 10 in the morning, the patriot and Cuban freedom fighter, Heriberto Pons, was ambushed and beaten with a baseball bat by agents of the G2, the Cuban regime’s intelligence service, leaving him serious consequences ”, indicated for his part the mason Pompilio Pedroso.

However, at the Miguel Enríquez hospital in Havana, he underwent a film and an ultrasound, but the doctors did not give his relatives a certificate of injuries that they requested.

“It was not possible because in the emergency room there was a policeman with instructions from the regime, [que] He told them that they would not give him the certificate, ”Pedroso said in his Facebook post, in which he shared images of the X-rays taken to Pons.

In another publication on this same social network, Pedroso explained that “thanks to the intervention of two neighbors in his neighborhood, he was not beaten to death, they hit him with a baseball bat.”

“The murderous hordes of the Cuban regime have tried to assassinate the patriot Heriberto Pons today, in the middle of the street … How long will the international community allow the crimes against humanity that take place in Cuba?” Pedroso asked, assuring that the criminal beating It had happened at 10 am on Friday, just 300 meters from Pons’ home.

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