Cuban-American singer Lauren Jauregui launches her latest songs

The Cuban American singer Lauren Jauregui announced the release of his latest songs as part of his first solo studio work Extended Play (EP), Prelude.

The artist gave an interview to Cosmopolitan where he related his most recent experiences and future plans.

I’m still in the creative process, to be honest, but it’s going well. It has been interesting to discover how to incorporate the current me with a bit of the past me so that people can continue to perceive an environment and listen to songs that they like from other iterations of myself, ”the singer confirmed.

He also referred that prepare a tour of intimate shows to promote this work, which is also the prelude to a new album, in which he will be more vulnerable, since he has composed most of the songs, since the difficult times when he left the Fifth Harmony grouping.

Carried by their Latin roots the artist indicated that she intends to explore the nature and strength of spanglish. “It is part of my energy as a person, so it has naturally entered my art. I am inspired by contemporaries like Kali and Jessie Reyez they are doing the same type of work, “he said.

The singer too thanked to his fans for the support and patience, since since 2018 he did not propose new songs. “The fact that you resonate with what I am doing is the most valuable thing that could happen,” he added.

In the days before the 15N Jauregui expressed his support for Cubans and said that Cuba is very important to her. “It is where I come from, where my grandparents come from and I want them to have their freedom,” he said.

This is not the first time that the singer takes a position on political issues. In 2018 he participated in several campaigns for young people to participate in the United States presidential elections. “They have to understand that casting their vote is ‘cool’, that it is crazy to let grandparents and parents decide how our future is going to be,” he said. Lauren on that occasion.

In 2017, when he was still a member of Fifth Harmony with fellow Cuban Camila Cabello, objected from social networks to the executive order of Donald Trump that prevented the entry of rMuslim refugees To united states.

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