Cuba team announced to U23 Baseball World Cup

Sprinkled with figures with experience and results in the National Baseball Series, the team that will represent Cuba in the upcoming U-23 World Championship has just been announced in Havana.

The roster is made up of three receivers, seven infielders, four outfielders and 10 pitchers, who will be led by former star player Eriel Sánchez in a meeting that Mexico will host from September 23 to October 2.

The insular troop was placed in key A along with the Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Germany, Chinese Taipei and the host cast; while section B includes Colombia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Nicaragua, Panama and Venezuela.

After the all against all, the three best of each group will advance to a super round that will leave the scene ready for the definitions.

Among the loudest names in the relationship are those of the catcher Iván Prieto, the first baseman Guillermo García, the gardeners Loidel Chapellí and Geisel Cepeda and the monticulistas Bryan Chi, Frank Abel Álvarez and Naikel Cruz.

As reported by the JIT site, the manager announced that the list could undergo changes until the moment of embarking on the trip.

Receivers: Andrys Pérez García (MTZ), Iván Prieto González (GRA) and Loidel Rodríguez Peralta (SSP).

Infielders: Guillermo García García (GRA), Diasmany Palacio Rodríguez (SSP), Rangel Ramos Pozo (MAY), Miguel Antonio González Fuentes (GRA), Darlin Luis Jiménez Gallardo (GRA), Yandy Yánez Nembhard (CMG) and Rodoleisi Moreno González (SSP ).

Gardeners: Luis Enrique González Duncan (CFG), Loidel Chapellí Zulueta (CMG), Geisel Adriano Cepeda Lima (SSP) and Yuddiel González Torres (CAV).

Launchers: Bryan Anthony Chi Montoya (HAB), Jonathan Carbó Campoalegre (IJV), Frank Abel Álvarez Díaz (PRI), Naikel Yoel Cruz Zaldívar (MTZ), Dariel Fernández Baz (PRI), Marlon Vega Travieso (MAY), Kelbis Rodríguez León ( GRA), Luis Danys Morales Aguilera (SSP), Ubert Luis Mejías Rodríguez (SCU) and Yeniel Alberto Zayas London (IJV).

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