Cristina Pérez whitewashed her courtship with a Mendoza deputy

The journalist Cristina Pérez whitewashed her affair with the national deputy for the UCR, Luis Petri, with whom he was seen walking through the Buenos Aires streets of San Telmo.

“If we are together. In love Knowing us. Very happy”, the driver told the site Teleshow, who discovered them hugging and kissing on the public highway on a spring morning, when they went shopping.

According to the publication, the relationship between them began in a professional way and became more and more intimate, until they decided to get together to talk about wines.

The Mendoza legislator is 44 years old, is a lawyer and entered the Chamber of Deputies in 2013. At the end of this year, he will finish his second term and decided not to bet on reelection.

According to his latest tweet, Petri is working on an “anti-jet” law and on the modification of the immigration law “to quickly expel foreigners who commit crimes once they have served their sentences.”

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