Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s favorite economist returned to hit Alberto Fernández

The abysmal differences between Alberto Fernandez Y Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and they are increasingly difficult to hide. Far from reconciling positions or at least maintaining certain appearances, the vice president use your favorite political players to mark the court for the president and make him notice his enormous power.

One of those figures that best lends itself to this game is the former national deputy Fernanda vallejos placeholder image, which in the last hours spread through its consulting firm Economic Project a very critical report against the government of Alberto Fernández by questioning the economic policy of the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, mainly in the management of inflation and negotiations with the International Monetary Fund.

In the loosely titled report ‘Shortage of reserves: Debt consumed the trade surplus’, Vallejos and his team put the magnifying glass on the evolution of prices, fiscal policy and progress in the negotiations with the IMF.

One of the most controversial extracts of the document that was distributed among bankers, businessmen, trade unionists and political leaders, refers to a comparison between the governments of Nestor and Cristina Kirchner with Alberto Fernández: “There is a central difference in the current inflationary process, with respect to the one in force between 2003-2015. While in the Kirchnerist cycle, in general, inflation was driven mainly by nominal wages growing above productivity, in recent years things have changed substantially and now wages are growing behind inflation. Only in recent months has there been a trend towards recovery that does not seem to be consolidated yet“.

Fernanda Vallejos never hid her fierce criticism against Alberto Fernández and Martín Guzmán.

For the journalist Laura Di Marco, the Vallejos report “remarks that this is not Alberto Fernández’s model” and that the text also emphasizes the economic ‘bonanza’ that, according to the ultra-Kirchnerist economist, ended in 2015 and never more recovered.

Another paragraph that Di Marco remarked on the channel LN+ criticizes the financial policy of Martín Guzmán: “The commercial strength of the economy is overshadowed by the deep weaknesses that crystallize in the financial account, which ostensibly limit the BCRA’s ability to accumulate reserves “.

In that sense, the communicator stated that Vallejos “is questioning the adjustment made by Guzmán and calls for greater toughness to negotiate with the IMF“.

It should be remembered that Fernanda Vallejos was caught in the eye of the storm just two days after PASO last September, when an 11-minute audio went viral in which the then deputy deployed a series of strong criticisms and insults towards Alberto Fernández: ” We all expected that the patient, Alberto Fernández’s occupier, on Monday at 8 in the morning would be holding a press conference at the desk with all the resignations on the table. Besides being blind, it seems that he is deaf because he has never heard anything from Nestor (Kirchner) or anyone else “.

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