Couple receives an amputated leg instead of the body of their baby who died at an IMSS clinic

OAXACA, Mexico.-A couple lived moments of terror after a IMSS clinic delivered by mistake an amputated leg instead of your baby’s body who passed away on the morning of September 3.

The events occurred in the Special Care Unit located in Huajuapan de León, Oaxaca, a place where the newborn spent eleven days and unfortunately died due to a congenital disease.

According to information from local media, when they arrived in the community of Santa Cruz Tacache de Mina, -place where the couple resides-, they noticed that the box was dripping blood.

It was then that the family decided to remove the baby’s body despite the fact that Rural Clinic number 18 the IMSS instruct them not to open the box and at that time they discovered the limb of a grown man instead of your child’s body.

Complaint did not proceed

As a result of the above, the family filed a complaint with the Oaxaca State Attorney General’s OfficeHowever, the authorities determined that there is no crime to prosecute because it was a human error and because the human remains have already been delivered.

For its part, the state IMSS cleared all the clinic staff of any guilt and blamed the father of the family as well as the funeral home for showing up at the wrong time and not verifying the data.

Nevertheless, Ombudsman for Human Rights of the People of Oaxaca seeks to help the family and investigate the case in search of providing dignified treatment to the couple.

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