Councilors of San Pedro denounce illegal work of two sandboxes: they request investigation of the Comptroller’s Office

Councilors of San Pedro de la Paz they denounced that two sand companies work illegally in the commune, for which they asked the Comptroller’s Office for an investigation. From the Directorate of Hydraulic Works (DOH) it was pointed out that the agency does not have oversight powers and that it is the municipalities that authorize the extraction of aggregates.

Given the uncertainty about the state of finances with which the current administration received the Municipality of San Pedro de la Paz, and which led the council to ask Mayor Javier Guiñez for an external audit, now a group of councilors denounced the irregular and illegal operation of two sand companies.

As explained by councilor Marcelo Bersano, it was at a commission meeting that they noticed the lack of permits for the extraction of aggregates carried out by the Ingemac and Inchile companies from the Bío Bío river, which after being confirmed by the MOP, they decided to request an investigation from the Comptroller’s Office.

It is a situation of the utmost gravity, added the ecologist councilor Paula Opazo, but not only because of the illegality, but also because of the damage to the environment, an unknown aspect -he stressed- to the not being able to determine the amount of sand that companies remove from the river.

The permits that sandboxes would not have are those granted by the municipality, the environmental authority and the Directorate of Hydraulic Works.

In this regard, the regional director of the DOH, Javiera Contreras, pointed out that, in addition to not having powers of control of the activity, the department intervenes only after the municipality gives the green light to extraction.

In addition to the complaint and the request for an investigation, the councilors They will ask the Municipality of San Pedro de la Paz to close the two sand companies and also an administrative summary against the personnel who have allowed the illegal operation.

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