Corona stops the game: The NOFV upper leagues are going into the winter break

The crisis team of the NOFV has decided to send the two major leagues into the early winter break. There could be scheduling problems in the new year.

Co-favorite Greifswalder FC (black) only winters in 6th place in the North season.

imago images/Leo

A cessation of gaming operations is in the interest of containing the pandemic and the overall social situation, a majority in the NOFV’s crisis team came to this decision. Thus, in the amateur leagues, which also include the two men’s upper leagues NOFV-Nord and NOFV-Süd, play will be interrupted until December 31, 2021. The same applies to the women’s regional league, junior regional league and futsal regional league, which are also organized by the NOFV. In the men’s regional league north-east, games will continue until further notice.

So far, 14 game days have been played in the two northeast top leagues. However, according to the original schedule, another four would be due by Christmas – the 18th matchday should still be on 19.12. rise. With the move into the early winter break, the NOFV are now facing scheduling problems: “The game management bodies will deal with the resumption of gaming operations in 2022 and other measures to ensure competition and work out proposed solutions, also with the involvement of the clubs,” says the Message continue.

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