Corona measures – 3G remains at work despite compulsory vaccination

In the workplace, the 3G rule should continue to apply even after the introduction of mandatory vaccination. This was confirmed by a spokesman for the Ministry of Labor on Thursday, in response to an APA request: “Our position has not changed”. This was communicated with the social partners before Christmas. A 2G rule at the workplace is therefore not feasible. The discussion was triggered by the Vienna City Councilor Peter Hacker (SPÖ), who also called for 2G in the workplace.

“If there is a compulsory vaccination, the 3G rule ends at some point. Because: Either there is a compulsory vaccination or it does not exist,” said Health Councilor Hacker on Wednesday to ATV and called for the 2G rule to be extended to the workplace.

The Green Club chairwoman Sigi Maurer was amazed at Hacker’s request in the Ö1 morning journal on Thursday: “I was a bit surprised to hear what Mr. Hacker said here”, the 2G rule at work was not a point that social democracy had in the negotiations on compulsory vaccination and it is not the subject of the current discussion.

AK: 2G would be a tough sanction

The Chamber of Labor (AK) does not believe in extending the 2G regulation to the workplace. The obligation to be imposed is an administrative obligation that should also be sanctioned under administrative law, i.e. with fines. A 2G obligation at the workplace, however, would be an “extremely tough sanction” because it would deprive people of their livelihood by excluding them from working life, a AK spokesman told the APA on Thursday.

Compulsory vaccination at the workplace would mean that unvaccinated people would no longer be able to work. The ability to work is also a prerequisite for receiving unemployment benefits and minimum income, with a 2G rule at the workplace “one would force people to beg or steal in one fell swoop,” said the AK. The vaccination requirement applies everywhere, but with the 3G rule in the workplace, unvaccinated people “only” have to pay a fine for administrative offenses and are not fundamentally excluded from working life. From the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB) there was initially no statement on Thursday.

For FPÖ city councilor Dominik Nepp, Hacker’s demand for 2G in the workplace “cannot be surpassed in terms of idiocy”. According to him, a compulsory vaccination at the workplace would mean that “in Vienna alone tens of thousands of employees would be missing in all areas of the economy”, it said on Thursday in a broadcast. Reinhard Langthaler from the Freedom Economy sees it similarly: “We are still in Austria and not in Kazakhstan”. A 2G rule in the workplace is “an incredible affront to human rights,” said Langthaler in a broadcast. From his point of view the result would be “scenarios like a blackout – crime, looting, unrest”

Wirtschaftsbund: “Remote from practice”

The ÖVP-Wirtschaftsbund considers a 2G rule at the workplace to be “impractical”. Compulsory vaccination at the workplace would therefore “deprive many workers of their livelihood and fuel the labor shortage,” according to a broadcast on Thursday. In addition, international workers who have been vaccinated with substances that are not recognized in Austria would be lost. For example, this is the case with the Russian vaccine “Sputnik”. “The consequences for the economy would be catastrophic and the benefits questionable,” said General Secretary Kurt Egger. (apa)

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