Cordoba supermarkets accompany the price freeze

After the announcement by the national government to establish an agreement with the production companies and supermarkets that sets the prices of 1,247 products for mass consumption until January 7 and with retroactive values ​​to October 1, there is caution among the supermarkets of Córdoba that will accompany the measure, but ask for a commitment from suppliers to be able to maintain the fixed prices.

“Yesterday we held the meeting with the new Secretary of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti and it was only on Wednesday night that we began to receive the lists with the details of the products reached. From then on, each of us will have to coordinate with suppliers to agree on deliveries and bring prices back to October 1 ”, Víctor Palpacelli, president of the Chamber of Supermarkets, told the“ Pensavalle Informa ”program on Radio Universidad.

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Along these lines, the businessman assured that “they accompany the measure, but that it depends exclusively on industrialists and suppliers” so that they deliver the products on the list “with the corresponding prices and in the necessary quantities” in a normal way.

“We build on previous experiences where we suffered from shortages of some products, but I reiterate that we depend on the industry and suppliers to be able to comply. The list of products is very assorted, in addition to food there are cleaning products and basic products of many areas, ”said Palpacelli.

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On the other hand, the leader admitted that “most of the products included have already suffered increases since October 1,” so the new prices with retroactive values ​​must be agreed with the suppliers.

“We already have experience in this type of program, the success or not of the measure will depend on the fulfillment of the commitment assumed by the Industry and the suppliers; we are going to accompany ”, reiterated Palpacelli.

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