Córdoba: monitoring of Covid cases due to attacks on health personnel is suspended

The workers of the Health Center “Dr. Obdulio S. Vargas”, from the Cordoba town of Mattaldi, announced in a statement the suspension of the telephone follow-up service to neighbors who are close contacts of patients infected with coronavirus, due to “the constant lack of respect and insults” to staff.

“Given the constant lack of respect and verbal insults that health personnel are suffering from many positive Covid patients and close contacts, it was decided that no more telephone follow-up will be carried out, only those people who communicate with due respect and want to abide by the instructions given to them, ”indicates the letter spread on the social networks of the local health center.

Health Center “Dr. Obdulio S. Vargas»

The letter from the health workers of the town located on the southern limit of the province in the General Roca Department, about 400 kilometers from the capital, warns that health personnel “have been working incessantly against this pandemic for two years” and that all the protocols that are applied “are those established through the Ministry of Health.”

“We absolutely repudiate mistreatment and disrespect, we are sure that we do not deserve that from anyone. We repudiate the actions of all those who, knowing that they are positive for Covid or close contacts, ignore the instructions given to them, putting the public health of the population at risk”, continues the statement, which closes with the phrase “! Enough abuse!”

Along the same lines, Dr. Javier López Dorado, in charge of the Health Center, assured the Puntal newspaper that “this decision was reached to no longer do the telephone follow-up because we reached a point and that is enough. Because if we don’t say enough, we are going to incur that they continue to disrespect us.”

“Everything that involves long working hours with 40-degree temperatures, dressed in those suits that don’t let you drink or water. All the effort that one makes thinking about the benefit of the population, of detecting positive cases and following the isolations, and on the other hand you see a population that does not respond to that, or responds with verbal insults by telephone and even in person”, explained the doctor.

Sources: Health Center Obdulio S. Vargas / www.puntal.com.ar

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