Continue "at a good pace" works on the highway on Route 33 between Bahía and Tornquist

The Ministry of Public Works, through National Highway, reported this morning that work continues “at a good pace” on the highway on National Route 33, between the city of Bahía Blanca and the district of Tornquist.

“This week, the embankment tasks are being carried out on the main road, between kilometers 11 and 13. Also, a base and asphalt layer between kilometers 12 and 14 is carried out, as well as a base between kilometers 13 and 16. On the other hand, culverts are built in interchange 1 and concreting of slabs in interchange 4. Finally, among other minor tasks, the permanent detour between kilometers 28 and 30 was enabled to work on the original road “, it is detailed in the communication from Roads.

In turn, it is indicated that this work generates 100 jobs for local operators and employs 30 specialized workers from all over the country.

“The future highway, which will connect Bahía Blanca with Tornquist, will enhance traffic and road safety in one of the most important communication routes in the south of the province of Buenos Aires to the port of Rosario, passing through the towns of the agricultural production corridor and cattleman, joining it with the port of Ingeniero White “, they emphasize from the organism.

And they add that “the project also includes the execution of 103 transversal and 28 lateral sewers, as well as the construction of five diamond-type interchanges (at different levels) for access to neighborhood streets and returns.”

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