Consulate of Spain in Havana enables number for Spanish victims of violence in Cuba

The Consulate of Spain in Cuba enabled a phone number for the Spanish victims of violence on the island can receive accompaniment and guidance before events of this type.

The initiative, called Violet Point, also proposes a protocol to follow, which includes assistance in filing complaints and accessing medical services, coordination with local authorities and help from a Spanish psychologist.

In addition, the consular authorities of that country affirmed that they will ensure the non-discrimination of citizens and that they can manage the return and repatriation of the victims to Spain.

The strategy is being implemented in all Spanish consulates in the world and applies to citizens of that nation who reside in Cuba and other countries.

According to information published in the page of the Ministry of Equality of the Hispanic nation, “Punto Violeta” is an instrument promoted to involve the whole of society in the fight against sexist violence and extend, in a massive way, the information necessary to know how to act before a case of violence against women.

The measure is part of the catalog of urgent regulations of the Improvement and Modernization Plan promoted by different ministries of the Government of Spain in the context of sexist alarm in recent months. Its purpose is to achieve a change in focus in public policies for the care of victims, placing sexist violence as a structural problem that requires the involvement of society as a whole to end it.

In the case of Cuba, the initiative will protect the Spanish nationalized that they may be victims of sexist violence by the authorities of the regime. For instance, the reporter of CiberCuba Iliana Hernandez, under permanent harassment and surveillance by State Security agents.

Given the lack of channels on the island to report acts of violence against women, the feminist platform I do believe you in Cuba at the beginning of this year issued a statement denouncing the increase in sexist violence in the state and its system of institutions.

The members of the feminist organization warned about an increase in institutional violence with gender bias against relatives, partners, ex-partners and descendants of activists and independent journalists.

During the events of 15N, the activist Saily González and his mother were victims of an act of repudiation in their home of the city ​​of Santa Clara, where the participants carried emblems and flags of institutions such as the Federation of Cuban Women.

Another significant case is that of Daniela red, who was kidnapped from her home for five days, and even officials from the Ministry of the Interior used his two sons to intimidate her and persuade her to continue her oppositional actions.

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