Confirmed: after months of silence, it was known the day that the Minister of Security will speak

The opposition issued eight summons for the Minister of Security, Raúl Levrino, be present at the Provincial Legislature to answer questions from deputies and senators. Two weeks before the elections, in the session of the Upper House, it was confirmed that after PASO, Levrino would attend the Bicameral Security. The date indicated is Thursday, September 16 at 10 a.m..

The president of the Security Bicameral, Rafael Moyano, spoke with MDZ and assured that the minister will be accompanied by the chief of police, Roberto Munives. “The idea is that the presentation of the concerns and questions is made in the Senate auditorium and there we will try to get the minister to answer the problems that exist in terms of security in Mendoza. We also need answers about the budget executed and the fall of the same “, described the senator.

For several months it was requested in the Provincial Legislature the presence of the minister, Raúl Levrino. In each of the sessions of the Upper House there was a crossfire between the opposition and the ruling party for the official to appear to answer the concerns of the legislators.

From the Bicameral SecurityThey also stated that the agenda of questions is broad since it includes each of the projects presented by the legislators of both Chambers related to the security or insecurity of the province, among other issues.


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