Complejo Americano: the farewell to 6th grade and the memory of elementary school in a unique adventure

The current scenario led us to rethink and redesign several of the activities that we did naturally, one of them, the trips of elementary school graduates, that unique experience that is forever etched in the hearts of its protagonists.

Recognizing the importance of this celebration, the Monte Hermoso American Complex, looked for alternatives so that no 6th grade boy or girl is left without the possibility of closing, with a flourish, one of the most transcendental stages in the lives of the people: the leap from childhood to adolescence, time to sow eternal friendships.

Indelible postcards. On hot days, ideal for diving into the water, with friends and teachers.

The proposal consists of a fun full-day adventure in the American Complex during which graduates will be able to enjoy three excursions, unlimited use of the Water Park with 4 pools and a new Air Park with 120 meters of travel and 12 games in height with an exclusive view of the Atlantic Coast.

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In addition, recreation will be in the hands of expert physical education teachers so that each meeting is unique, entertaining and with the necessary care.

Another advantage, and a source of relief for parents, is that all activities will take place at the destination.

An air park built by the company Tirolesas Argentinas, the same company that designed the park in height, in the American Complex.

On the other hand, it includes a guided visit to the tracks – Monte Hermoso-Pehuen Co Provincial Natural Reserve – and a meal plan within the Complex’s restaurant that includes a free pizza menu, a full hamburger or Milanese with french fries and drinks. , for lunch; and a snack, with infusion, snacks and fresh fruits.

In addition, special menus suitable for all types of diets are prepared, indicated by doctors, if required.

Another point in favor is the strategic location of the Complex, which is only 7 hours from the Federal Capital, 4 hours from the capitals of La Pampa and Río Negro and 8 hours from Neuquén. This avoids long journeys on routes and facilitates quick connection with the family in case of any need.

Guaranteed adrenaline and guaranteed fun on the water slides.

Maximiliano Elías, who is in charge of the Complex, assured that this proposal is a safe, fun and unforgettable trip.

“We want it to be available to everyone, that no one is left without that unique memory of going through elementary school,” he said.

It is a super accessible package, of 3,490 pesos, which can even be paid with Now 12, in installments of 350 pesos or in a single payment.

A luxury, accessible and with the sea in the background. Aerial view of the American Complex

The American Complex is located in the southwest of Buenos Aires, in the city of Monte Hermoso. It is strategically located in the western sector, in a setting of impressive nature, with 30 green hectares and an exclusive view of the sea, to enjoy the best sunrises and sunsets on the Atlantic coast.

Access and security, for the peace of mind of parents

The city has only one access (Provincial Route 78). The American Complex hires private security and has a comprehensive closed system of 24-hour surveillance cameras.

Its infirmary is prepared for first aid cases and for emergency transfers to the city hospital.

There are professional lifeguards in all pools and the COVID-19 protocols supervised by Diversey Consulting are followed.

The trip is made in the form of a bubble, the group does not share activities with groups from other locations.

It is in December, with a date chosen by the group. In case of rain, the date is moved, free of charge, also at the choice of the group, in the month of December.

It is included in the PREVIEW, a state program that proposes the return of 50% of the total package to the group.

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