Comment: The total renovation of the CDU

Stunde null: With the decision to re-elect the entire leadership at a special party conference, the CDU draws the greatest possible consequence from the election defeat two weeks ago. The decision to start over is now the only way out of the party’s deep crisis that promises success.

After all, it is not just the candidate and those who supported him who are to blame for the election debacle. Responsibility is also borne by those in East and West who would rather whisper “Söder” in the election campaign than fight for Laschet. And in the course of the “brutally open” processing of the errors that he has announced, the Secretary General will also have to be asked whether a lot of the campaign should have gone better.

Will Merkel’s role also be examined?

The CDU wants to solve the current biggest problem, the lack of unity, through more grassroots democracy. A conference of the district chairmen is to make suggestions for a stronger participation of the party members. Of course, even member surveys do not automatically lead to eternal peace breaking out in divided parties. The basis is always right. But their decisions can also be tighter than some of the Diadochi hopes.

The election of the new CDU chairman is about the future course of the party, of which there are different ideas, especially after this election result. These differences are no longer covered up by a chancellor who replaced programs with pragmatics. Will Merkel’s role also be examined when the party tries to come to terms with its past?

The CDU in the opposition should have enough time for this. With the decision to completely renovate it, it finally takes itself out of the running about who will rule Germany in the next four years. The party is completely self-absorbed and will only be led by “lame ducks” until the new election. This also has consequences for the traffic light negotiations: The CDU restructuring case worsens the negotiating position of the FDP.

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