Colombian restaurants on the list of the ’50 Best ‘in Latin America – Gastronomy – Culture

The best in Colombia was Leo, in 14th place. They were followed by Harry Sasson (18), El Chato (25), Criterión (42), Andrés Carne de Res (55), El Cielo (74) and Celele (91). The latter had debuted last year and in this he won the award for hospitality.

Here’s a look at these “newcomers” on the Latin American scene and the places on the list.

Free table

Mesa Franca Restaurant, in Bogotá. Founded in 2016. This year it opened a house.

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Its menu warns that due to its service policies, it does not serve individual dishes to groups of more than six people, all dishes are served in the center of the table, to share.

Chef Iván Cadena has a menu of few dishes that changes every week.


It has six vegetable-cut dishes (these range from 28,000 to 34,000 pesos), six strong ones (such as wood-fired rice and curry fishing), ranging from 35,000 to 55,000 pesos. Desserts are worth 18 thousand. And it has a strong cocktail bar, also signature.

But it has house classics like achiotado spaghetti, pork belly with peanut puree and caramelized pears and arugula, and raw sea food with citrus and crispy quinoa. You have to try them!

Salvo Patria Restaurant

Smoked trout from the Fonce river, mushrooms, avocado and fariña, from Salvo Patria.


Courtesy Salvo Patria

“Salvo Patria has always tried to be an uncomplicated, relaxed bistro – Gutiérrez adds – and started with a fixed menu in which we incorporated special dishes with seasonal products and towards 2018, we changed to a menu that changes constantly, once a month”. So much so that one of the first dishes is only served by a famous millefeuille.

Salvo Patria Restaurant

Courtesy Salvo Patria Restaurant

When is it worth eating there?

The chef affirms that they have always tried to ensure that the greatest number of people can access Salvo Patria. The menu has entries ranging from 15,000 to 28,000 people and main dishes around 25,000, and higher value dishes that are to be shared among several. If you do the math, a person can eat with 50,000 pesos and increase.

Carmen-Medellín Restaurant

Dishes from the Carmen restaurant.


Courtesy Carmen Restaurant

The average ticket price, according to Ángel, is 165,000 pesos per person.

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