Coffee beans, capsules … Which is the best for your health?

After water, it is the second most drunk drink by the French. Coffee is a part of eating habits. The average consumption is 5.4 kg per year per capita. And in 70% of cases, it is prepared at home, especially at breakfast time.

It is true that its caffeine gives a welcome little boost to start your day. It is not difficult to find it in all its forms. But in grains or in capsules, what is better for your health?

To drink coffee and stay healthy, you have to start by not overdoing it. Indeed, excessive consumption can lead to hypertension but also more serious consequences such as the risk of cancer of the bladder, colon and rectum. Nutritionists recommend drinking a maximum of three cups per day.

That being said, you should know that coffee has a lot of benefits. It is a very important source of antioxidants which help fight against premature aging. According to ANSES, it is also a mine of vitamin E and B and especially many minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Finally, unless you add one or two pieces to your cup, coffee does not contain sugar.

However, it has a flaw: it is a very fragile food that does not support light. Exposed to the open air, coffee will oxidize and lose most of its benefits. For this reason, it is recommended to use coffee beans. In this form, it retains natural protection against light and will present maximum health benefits.

Otherwise, the capsules are appreciable for their practicality. They also have the advantage of protecting the ground coffee from light thanks to a plastic, aluminum or even biodegradable material container. These are safe for consumption. In a study from 2013, ANSES studied this new form of consumption, which was then booming.

It concluded, after a series of tests, “that these new practices do not substantially modify the conclusions of previous risk assessments concerning the exposure of consumers to chemical contaminants via coffee”. ANSES warns, however, against the ease of use of these machines, which would lead to excessive coffee drinking. Because, once again, to stay healthy, you should not overdo it.

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