Coco Fariñas attends the outskirts of the Santa Clara court in support of the 11J protesters

The Cuban opponent Guillermo “Coco” Fariñas came to the outskirts of provincial court of Santa Clara to support the 11J protesters and their families, while the authorities are trying them there for participating in the protests that demanded peaceful democratic changes.

In a tweet the activist Saily González Velázquez shared a photo of Sakharov Prize with the young man’s family Andy Garcia Lorenzo, for whom the prosecution asks a sanction of seven years of deprivation of liberty for the alleged crimes of public disorder and contempt.

Numerous netizens responded to the post and expressed their support for those detained for participating in the July 11 protests, their relatives and to activists who have denounced through different channels what is really happening in the country.

“You are doing Cuba there today, If one day we get a real Cuba, it will also be, and thanks a lot to you“Said a user of the social network. “Hug all those people from Villa Clara who continue to resist firmly,” says another comment.

Before the court of Santa Clara, Jonatan López Alonso, brother-in-law of Andy García Lorenzo He also published a photo in which he thanked anonymous people who they brought them a lunch while they wait to know the sentence against the young protester. “Just as there are signs of human misery, there are signs of light, the solidarity of the people who sent us this lunch is infinite, these same people brought water to the policemen who were in the sun”He said in his post.

Fariñas, leader of the United Antitotalitarian Front (FANTU) of Cuba, considers that those like him who have opposed the Castro regime for decades can see in these young people a change.

The frequent arrests and hunger strikes that the Villa Clara opponent has carried out throughout his career, have left him with serious consequences health problems and damage to your kidney system.

On January 5, an arbitrary and set free, after almost 24 hours of being unaccounted for and for no apparent reason to be detained by the police.

The December 9, he was also arrested by State Security agents. and transferred to the hospital in an ambulance, despite the fact that Fariñas had not requested medical attention. They thus prevented him from participating in any activity concerning the International Human Rights Day.

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