Coahuila, for reaching one million immunized against COVID-19

The state of Coahuila has 983 thousand people with a complete immunization scheme, as reported by the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solis.

The entity has 3 million inhabitants, and at the moment 2 million 735 thousand anti-COVID doses have been applied.

For a vaccine to provide protection against serious cases and deaths, a period of approximately 22 days must elapse after the second application.

It is expected that after the immunization of the population, infections will decrease.

The vaccination campaign began on December 28 in Coahuila; however, 1,565 people with the complete scheme have been infected. Of these, 118 required hospitalization and 42 died.

At a press conference, Governor Miguel Riquelme said that 39 people had at least one comorbidity or organ damage, and in the remaining three cases they were 42, 44 and 62 years old.

In these three cases, the people had no diagnosed disease.


Regarding the types of infections, the Ministry of Health has reported that there is a record of 36 infections of the delta variant.

This variant has as its main characteristic its easy transmission.


In the COVID areas of the clinics and hospitals, there are 252 people hospitalized.

Of these, 22% are vaccinated people and the rest, 78%, are unvaccinated people, the majority over 60 years of age.

With the advance of vaccination, the average age of infections fell to people of 32 years, hospitalizations are mostly in people of 50 years and deaths in people of this age range.

Yesterday, President Miguel Riquelme asked the population to apply the anti-COVID dose to reduce the risk of death.

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