Citroën agrees that BMW uses the name XM

In a few days, BMW will lift the veil on the XM concept heralding its new performance SUV developed by BMW M. We long thought that this model would be called BMW X8, and that its most powerful version would be badged BMW X8. M. As it turns out, the Bavarian automaker will aptly name its SUV “BMW XM”, which has surprised many in the automotive community.

XM refers above all to the Citroën XM, the French car launched at the end of the 80s and which remained on sale until the year 2000. BMW does not have the legal right to use this name, and may risk it. have problems with the French manufacturer. Moreover, Citroën’s legal department attacked Polestar for the use of its rafters, and the Paris court upheld its case, which won Polestar the ban on marketing its models in France !

BMW took the initiative and kindly asked Citroën for permission to use the name XM as revealed by our colleagues at Carscoops. Citroën would have accepted, as an internal source of the French brand declares:

“BMW’s use of the XM name is the result of a constructive dialogue between Citroën and BMW, so it has been well discussed and taken into account. It is indeed the result of a ‘gentlemen agreement’ reflecting the introduction by Citroën of a new model combining an X and a number, namely C5 X, and BMW’s desire to associate their name X with their Motorsport universe, bearing the famous letter M. Citroën retains the right to use X in names such as CX, AX, ZX, Xantia, Xsara… and XM “.

The BMW XM will be powered by a twin-turbo 4.4 L V8 coupled to an electric motor. Together, they should produce around 760 hp, which would make this the most powerful model in the BMW M range, ahead of the BMW M5 CS with its 635 hp.

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