Christianophobia, a fact confirmed by the figures

Since January 1, at least eight desecration of churches have been recorded in France. An important figure, while the year has started barely thirteen days, which points to the existence of anti-Christian acts across the country. Little denounced, is Christianophobia visible in official statistics?

Decapitated statues, insulting inscriptions, broken stained-glass windows, ecclesiastics and believers threatened or attacked…. The facts against the Christians of France and its symbols are numerous each year.

In 2021, out of 1,380 anti-religious acts recorded by the Ministry of the Interior, 686 concerned this community. Almost half of them (49.7%). By way of comparison, anti-Semitic acts were recorded at 523 (37.9%) and anti-Muslims 171 (12.4%).

These anti-Christian acts are mainly attacks on property, such as desecration of cemeteries or damage to churches, the ministry explained in 2019. Two-thirds to three-quarters of the facts are in this case, he said. describe. This would make between 450 and 515 buildings vandalized in 2021, or at least one per day, or even three every two days.

If the statistic can be qualified by the fact that the churches are much more numerous in France than the mosques or the synagogues, and that some point out that a church can be targeted for a theft, which is not an anti act. -religious, the figures prove despite everything that Christianophobia is present in France, and in significant proportions.

In cases where there is no question of a Christian building, it is therefore a question of verbal or even physical attacks against a believer or a clergyman (sometimes even terrorist assassination). If we keep the same proportions, between 170 and 240 acts of this type occurred in 2021. This was particularly the case last December, when about thirty Catholics were insulted and threatened during a torchlight procession. in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine). Words such as “kouffars” or “wallah on the Koran, I will cut your throat” had for example been uttered and a torch was allegedly snatched from a participant and thrown at the others.

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