Chocolate Day: sweet proposals to enjoy the best cocoa

Each September 13th is celebrated on Chocolate Day to honor the most popular sweet in the world. A perfect occasion to enjoy the “chocolatey” proposals that Buenos Aires has to offer.

This food based on cacao it has been part of our diet for 3,000 years and is considered until today one of the most exquisite delicacies. The sweetest Argentines can go to different parts of the city to taste a chocolate dessert in his day.

The date chosen to honor this food is due to the birth of two people who helped spread the benefits of cocoa: Roald Dahl, known for being the author of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and Milton Hershey, founder of the largest chocolate factory in USA.

The origin of this food goes back to the history of cocoa. Three millennia ago the indigenous people of Central America they used the pulp of the cocoa pods to produce a beer-like beverage. Thanks to this, the seeds that were available began to be used for the production of other foods. From that moment to the present, the consumption of chocolate was always on the rise. No wonder, who could resist its taste?

Where to celebrate?

Mada Patisserie proposes to enjoy a new and explosive mini cake hand in hand with Juliana Herrera Dappe, chef and owner of the house. The composition of this new mini temptation includes an explosive duo of chocolate and Nutella mousse on a crunchy base of cereals and chocolate accompanied by a Nutella macaron. Available for $600.

The mini cake de Mada Pattiserie.

The Dolce ice cream parlor joins the celebration of Chocolate Day with its artisan quality products. Suggested ice creams to enjoy on this day are: Chocolate volcano (intense chocolate ice cream with chocolate ganache), Chocolate Kinder (white chocolate ice cream with milk chocolate ice cream and chocolate pieces), Chocolate Rocher (Ecuador 56% chocolate ice cream with artisanal natural hazelnut paste), White Chocolate and White Chocolate with Nutella.

At the same time, another novel proposal for this date are its original frozen bars, made up of Homemade and crispy sableé dough, artisan ice cream, homemade sauce and chocolate coating that create a unique and addictive sensation on the palate. The Triple Chocolate bar with a base of cocoa sable dough, semi-bitter chocolate ice cream, white chocolate ganache and Ecuador 56% chocolate coverage stands out.

Creamy ice creams and chocolate bars to celebrate with something sweet.

To celebrate this product so deeply rooted in the culture of France, Gontran Cherrier prepared an exclusive “Kouign amann” chocolate and banana – a delicacy from the commune of Douarnenez at Finistere, Brittany– which will be available throughout the day.

The kouign amann is a “Pastry” of puff pastry that is made with flour and French butter, and this time will be filled with premium quality chocolate, butter, sugar and salt, and are served with caramelized bananas.

The kouign amann of puff pastry filled with chocolate and served with caramelized bananas.

In the Club de la Birra they know that many beers combine perfectly with the taste of cocoa and that’s why they invite you to taste a special pairing from September 13 to 16, within the framework of Chocolate Day. During these days, the first 10 customers to arrive at the branches of Recoleta and Rocking horse will receive a chocolate volcano Courtesy.

The classic dessert is one of the favorites on the menu and served warm, with its distinctive heart of creamy chocolate, accompanied with cream ice cream and red berry sauce. Among the beers suggested by the house to experience the pairing, the Black Mamba (Stout) from Grunge Brewery stands out, a beer made with 7 different malts, initially giving an aroma that combines coffee, chocolate and nuts. Deep black in color, creamy and full-bodied, accompanied by long-lasting foam.n.

The chocolate volcano is a perfect dessert to celebrate this day.

This Monday, COCU Boulangerie offers a “choco-box” which includes: 1 chocolate eclair (bomb dough filled with chocolate pastry cream and chocolate icing), 1 coffee, caramel and chocolate eclair (bomb dough filled with pastry cream, caramel cream, chocolate bar, chocolate bonbon and dulce de leche), 1 chocolate ingot (brownie covered with praline, chocolate ganache and dulce de leche), 1 chocolate muffin filled with red fruits without tacc (not suitable for celiac disease), 1 chocolate bread (classic puff pastry filled with chocolate ), 1 chocolate bread with almonds (chocolate bread dipped in syrup, filled with almond cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar) and 1 vegan chocolate and carob cookie with nuts. This themed box will be offered until tomorrow at $ 1705 in the COCU store in Malabia and Gorriti.

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