Charm: This is how the soundtrack was made, now number 1 on Billboard – Music and Books – Culture

It ousted one of the queens of these sales lists, nothing more than the British Adele, whose album 30 seemed indethronable in the first place.

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In a recent interview with EL TIEMPO, Lin-Manuel Miranda (behind the successes of Hamilton, on Broadway, as well as the music of the tapes In The Heights Y Moana), recounted how the work went to make this important soundtrack.

Never in my life had I heard so many vallenatos

Gastronomy, culture, crafts, everything served as inspiration and also the music of Carlos Vives. In the Colombian adventure he accompanied Germaine Franco (who previously worked on Coco and on this film made the incidental music) and the goal was to tell the story of the Madrigals in eight songs that bring together traditional sounds and pop that gave them a universal touch to reach the rest of the planet.

With the other songs, Miranda said, there was teamwork involving writers, animators, directors and artists.

“Colombia, my charm he was inspired by the rhythms of Carlos Vives -Miranda said- and his ideas after hearing a thousand vallenatos. I wrote it as one of Vives’ songs, so afterward, the only option was to contact him to say: You have to sing this. When he recorded it, the song reached another level of authenticity.”

of the Orguitas He is among the 15 Oscar nominees. Among its competitors are Be Alive, by Beyoncé, from the soundtrack of King Richard; Guns Go Band, from the movie The Harder They Falhe; the interpretation of Just Look Up, by Ariana Grande (in Don’t look up) and Billie Eilish’s in No Time to Die, among other.

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