Challenger: the 807 horses of the apocalypse

The Challenger brings back very good memories. When I drove the first one, it was precisely the same color as this Challenger Super Stock; An anecdote comes from when he was outside the house washing it and the neighbors (whom he had little contact with) came over to break the ice and start admiring that Challenger. At the time it was a very attractive car and of course, if it was one of the muscle car most modern of the moment and incidentally it served to chat and make good friends since then.

And just as I knew it, that’s how the Challenger has remained for a decade. I’ve enjoyed it so much that the most memorable was the version of the 392 that I drove back in 2012… I’ll spare you more details but I confess that it was invincible on the streets and on the track. However, each and every one of the Challengers that I have been able to meet have their special grade.

Now, with the Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock we arrived in paradise, or rather, in the very hell of cars! This car has been presented in the United States for more than a year, but it only arrived in Mexico in November of last year, with all the muscles you expect from a car in its class. It features the armor of the Widebody Redeye version but with a body 3.5 inches less wide. The car itself feels huge from the cockpit, but this downsizing helps a bit with dynamics.

The chest stands out on the outside with two air inlets, wheels 18-inch diameter with rims Nitto with size 315/40 that hide the 14-inch brake discs and brake calipers Brembo with six pistons; Well, just as it accelerates seriously, it brakes with great enthusiasm. At the back, the dual exhaust pipe makes a deafening noise when we accelerate in Track mode, as it makes an adjustment in the car’s settings to be ready and squeeze that V8 motorcycle HEMI supercharged with 6.2 liters of displacement, 807 horsepower and 707 pound-feet of torque. Brutal figures that makes it the king of the muscle cars of our time, approved for the street (and boy, this borders on the limit with that of “approved”).

How does it feel to drive this Challenger? It is a car made for those who love muscle cars, because of its size and because it is not the typical sports car that makes you feel like a good driver; In this you have to be a good driver or at least have driving skills. But, so you don’t water it down, it has its black key, which tells the car that today we will drive it “calm” with Custom or Auto mode. And this makes for smooth steering, contained acceleration (if you can say that) which shifts up to 3,500 revolutions.

From 0 to 100 km/h in 3.25 seconds and a top speed of 270 km/h. THE INFORMER/D. Ledesma

But for you to understand me, handling it is something like wanting to put a collar on a lion to want to walk it; You will feel that he wants to run all the time, but he holds on (or you hold on as long as you can on the leash). However, with the red key, we’re tempted to get in tune with Track or Sport modes, both of which can be chosen from the screen. With these, I insist, the car squeezes the 807 horses and even with Launch Control it takes all the power of that HEMI with an eight-speed automatic transmission to make times of 1/4 of a mile in 10.5 seconds at 210 km/h, for example .

The handling is perceived as harsh when activating those modes, the direction reduces its movement to a minimum and the hardness to the maximum, the same happens with the competition suspension with Bilstein adaptive damping dampers, the feel of the accelerator is pure dynamite and the brake bites the records like it could fit into a Shake Shack burger. Combined with the huge sport seats that are already the size of a couch at home (compared to today’s sport seats which are lighter and carbon fiber in some cases) we have some comfort to consider it as a car for day to day, but the engine does not let us go calmly.

The consumption according to the computer is above 3 kilometers per liter, or could it be that I went a little over the line, but it does not scare me because it is what you expect from a sports car that gives you about 300 kilometers of autonomy for each tank , even if it suits you.

In short, the essence of the Challenger is embodied in this super car. It has muscle, power, technology and a lot of presence, a great rival for the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 or the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, and that for many years enjoyed the honeys of success but today it needs to be modernized. Would you buy it for me? Without hesitation, because I was still one of those who learned to drive in a car with a V8 engine and this car is a strong card for nostalgia, in addition to that retro design. But, it is not for everyone, because in addition to having skillful hands to drive it, you have to pay a fortune for it in every way.

Thus, I say goodbye to this model, which I hope to find again soon, perhaps as an electric version, because this and the Charger will no longer be produced with gasoline in 2024, according to what Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis shared in Motor Trend magazine, to be replaced by an e-muscle. We’ll see.

Classic. The technology and equipment are up to date, we also find good quality and robust finishes. THE INFORMER/D. Ledesma



V8; HEMI; 6.2 liters; supercharged; Power: 807 HP. Torque: 707 foot-pounds.




8-speed automatic with autostick.


With ventilated discs on all four wheels, with ABS.


Front: Independent double wishbone with stabilizer bar.
Rear: Independent MultiLink with stabilizer bar.


Progressive electrohydraulic.

Dimensions (mm)

Length: 5,028.

Width: 1,986.

Alto: 1,419.

Wheelbase: 2,951.


Weight: 2,040 kilograms.

Tank: 70 liters.

Trunk: 459 liters.


1,935,000 pesos. (Variable price).


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