Chaco officials avoid making their resignations available to Capitanich

Jorge Capitanich in a meeting with his cabinet, at Government House.

After the hard defeat of the Frente de Todos at the country level in the PASO, it was learned that ministers of the province of Buenos Aires put their resignation at the disposal of Axel Kicillof, while in Santa Cruz, the governor Alicia Kirchner swept his entire cabinet . Meanwhile in Chaco, will someone take over the defeat?

Although on Monday, Governor Jorge Capitanich summoned, at the Government House, the mayors of the Justicialista Party to analyze the results of the Primary, Simultaneous Open and Mandatory elections, so far no proper names have been known about the changes in the cabinet provincial.

In the PASO, the most voted list of both national and provincial deputies was that of “Chaco Cambia + Juntos por el Cambio”, above the Frente de Todos. A defeat that took the Government of the Chaco by surprise and that no one has taken charge of so far.


With 99.84% of the polls scrutinized in the province, Chaco Cambia + Juntos por el Cambio got 44.14% of the votes, while the Frente de Todos comes far behind with 35.67%.

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For its part, in provincial deputies and with the same percentage of polling stations, Chaco Cambia + Juntos por el Cambio obtained 44.93% of the votes. Meanwhile, the Frente de Todos came a little closer and reaped 38.39%.

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“All public officials after a defeat have to make the resignation available to whoever is leading the resignation,” said Buenos Aires Minister of the Government Teresa García, who made her resignation available to Governor Axel Kicillof.

In the case of Chaco, Capitanich had announced that changes will be announced in the cabinet related to officials who are part of the lists of the Frente de Todos, ahead of the legislative elections on November 14, but little is known about who would be displaced. of their charges.

At the moment, no request for resignation was known by the governor for his officials. But it turned out that one of the targeted ministries would be Social Development, headed by María Pía Chiacchio Cavana.


Likewise, Juan Manuel Chapo of Government and Labor was another of the names whose continuity in the cabinet is in doubt. Regarding this and after being asked if he was responsible for the defeat of the justicialismo in the province, the minister assured “I am not a candidate.”

“Capitanich did not tell me anything. He knows that we are collaborators and that we are at his disposal, because we are part of a project. The decisions that the governor makes in this regard will always be respected,” he mentioned to the press.

For now, the provincial Cabinet that the governor held despite questions about his youth, which some called inexperience, remains in a passive position, the same one that was criticized at the beginning of the pandemic. In that sense, another of those criticized was the then Minister of Health, Paola Benítez, who left her position to be a pre-candidate for provincial deputy, the result of which is already known.

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