Central is forced to step on the accelerator if he wants drinks


Central took the lead with a goal from Avila but could not keep it.

Marcelo Bustamante / The Capital

And this does nothing but think about the need to make a leap in quality with all the letters, which must contemplate the improvement of the level of play, so that it inexorably declines the results.

It is impossible that at some point they will not regret those weeks of enormous physical and even mental activity at the beginning of the semester, when there were two open battle fronts, for the simple reason that during all that time the team was on stage in the one who liked to show himself. Even from that point of view, this low performance can serve as a palliative.

But from now on things will be different. He knows it Kily, the players, the leaders and even the fans themselves.

Of course, the defeat in the last game, before Boca, it deprived the climb from the numbers, but it could also be taken as an important emotional blow. It would not have been the same to win or even to tie with the xeneize than what happened. Even playing badly, if any of that had happened, the analysis would surely be different. Out there containing a wrong reading, but another analysis at last.


Within the 15 games remaining in the tournament, Central is four to catch up with the team (Racing, with 38 points) that today is achieving the last passage to the South American 2022. Because there are 10 points of difference, for which you will need at least those four matches to narrow the gap. Understanding, of course, that today there is nothing that is in the hands of the scoundrel.

But if he gets close to that cup, he can do it to the Libertadores, since the last classified today is River, with 39 units, one more than it has Racing. In the middle, of course, they are Students, Independent and Lanús, with 39

There was some conviction in the middle of the double competition Regarding the fact that the team could fight on two fronts with the same players, but also a clear bath of reality that led the coaching staff to cling to logic and embrace the rotation. At that time most of the attempts were unsuccessful, both with the starting team and with the alternative. He only had the logical justification that the difference between one and the other was abysmal and that is why many points were left along the way.


The Kily already has the equipment practically defined.

The Kily already has the equipment practically defined.

Marcelo Bustamante / The Capital

But the past, stepped on. It’s not yet halfway through the championship, but every wasted situation will weigh on the future. For this one Central, He was always clear about his objectives, there is a race that has been running from behind and at some point he will have no other option than to press harder on the accelerator to achieve them.

The Kily has the equipment almost ready

The campus of Central will resume work today for the game next Wednesday (18.45) against Banfield. However, Kily has already started to test the team, which would be the same as the one that came from falling to Boca, with Jorge Broun; Damián Martínez, Facundo Almada, Gastón Avila, Lautaro Blanco; Diego Zabala, Emmanuel Ojeda, Emiliano Vecchio and Luciano Ferreyra; Lucas Gamba and Marco Ruben.

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