Carmen Barbieri gave her opinion about Marlene, the “bad one” from Stefi Roitman and Ricky Montaner’s wedding: “You can’t, but …”

It is protocol and it is known: to a wedding you can go with any color, except white, the one reserved for the bride, the only protagonist of the night. However, in the marriage of Stefi Roitman Y Ricky montaner There was someone who, unusually, received more attention than the woman who said yes: her mother-in-law.

Yes, Marlene montaner She was in white, at least from the waist up, as she wore a dark skirt that she combined with a white flared-sleeved shirt. And to top it all, as an accessory in her hair, she chose a headband, also white, which gave more of a bridal look than a godmother …

The mother-in-law in white, very bad ”, he pointed Maite Peñoñori, when detecting the “infringement” of Marlene, unforgivable for most, also for Steffi who, they say, was annoyed by the mean gesture of his mother-in-law, who remained at the center of the debate for her outfit, despite the fact that she wore not one but three! Beautiful dresses.

“Montaner’s wife’s wardrobe was highly criticized because it had white just like Stefi above”said Estefi Berardi in Very morning, while they discussed the looks of the night. But nevertheless, Carmen Barbieri He was kinder to the woman.

Was it white white or was it butter? “asked the capocomic. “I see it quite white“, said the panelist. Then Carmen remembered the unspoken rule that the mother-in-law of Steffi broke: “Good, but you can’t turn white. They say you shouldn’t, least of all the groom’s mother.”

Barbieri in any case, he highlighted how beautiful the wife of Montaner and then he settled his position on the matter, a bit “pancake”, so as not to offend anyone: “The same does not bother me, they are things that are said, but today life changed.”

To all this, during the week the matriarch of the clan herself justified herself before the motive of Intruders, between laughs. “Yes, they criticized me a lot, but what I wore is a typical Carolina Herrera design with a white shirt and black skirt”he said, in addition to insisting that he loves Steffi “with all your heart”.

Do we believe him?

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