Carambola in Diagonal Reforma de Torreón leaves damages for 20 thousand pesos

The motorist of a Chevrolet Chevy, the car “tailed” when braking when he was driving along Diagonal Reforma Boulevard, in Torreón, at the intersection with Corregidora Avenue, he climbed the central median and invaded the opposite lane, colliding with two more vehicles .

The material damage of the mishap amount to about 20 thousand pesos in the collision caused by the driver of the Chevrolet Chevy car, silver color and those affected are a Chevrolet Spark taxi and a Dodge Attitude, black color, whose drivers luckily were not injured.

According to what was mentioned by motorists and the report of the experts from the Municipal Court of Justice, the Chevrolet Chevy was traveling along Diagonal Reforma from northwest to southeast, in the direction of Revolution Boulevard. At the height of Corregidora avenue, the driver braked and the car “tailed”, which made him lose control and he climbed towards the central median, just where the taxi and the Dodge Attitude were waiting to turn towards Corregidora.

After climbing the median, the Chevy struck the taxi on its left rear side and then collided with its front end on the left front of the Attitude, which was behind the taxi.

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