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(In other news: Democratic Center will give access to delegates of candidates to the survey)

Why in the Historical Pact?
Because it is the place where, without marginality and without vetoes, change can be built. We came from a process in Alianza Verde and there is an important sector of the party that is seeking to bring together alternative, democratic, independent, progressives, citizens. I feel that we are on the line of repeating 2018 and we are among those who prefer to build change and want to bring these sectors together. I have seen that the center forces, as they have been called, do not have the decision or the will to do it once and for all to win the Presidency. That is legitimate, but it is concerning.

Is it to say that the ‘greens’ would unite again for an eventual second round?
Yes, without a doubt the party is ready to accompany the alternative candidacy that goes to the second round.

What do you expect from your arrival at the Historical Pact and from the March consultation?
We are in the place where we believe that a change can be built for Colombia, a change without makeup, in the background, but highlighting that we are different. We have come to compete, to share and to build. Compete because we have a presidential aspiration. There are those who, from other alternative sectors, fear Gustavo Petro. We prefer to face it. There are those who fear Petro, we prefer to face him democratically, at the polls, with the decision of the people and with the clarity that we are a guarantee of change. We are different, different projects and people, but we come together for common purposes, that is, change in this country.

Gustavo Petro

Gustavo Petro during an interview with the newspaper EL TIEMPO.

The party (Alianza Verde) could play a much more leading role, without a doubt, for this contest, but it was impossible in the midst of so much controversy and debate.

Will it go with the Historical Pact to the end?
Alianza Verde has opened the door for us to make this decision to follow the Historical Pact and compete with Gustavo Petro. There are people who want change, but do not want Petro. We invite them to join us to win the March consultation. Being part of a query implies adhering to some rules of the game. Petro has said ‘if Camilo Romero beats me I will charge him the suitcases’. It is clear that the rules of the game imply that whoever wins will have the support of the rest. It is a democratic rule and if we are in that it is because we are going to comply. We invite Colombians to win. There will be those who say ‘I want the change, but I don’t want Petro’, because here is the change and it is Camilo Romero.

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