Café between Juez, De Loredo, Negri and Santos: “Let’s work together”

Almost simultaneously and in their personal social networks, the four referents of Together for Change, who polarized the internal of that party in the province of Córdoba, confirmed the meeting: a coffee to celebrate and commit work “together.”

These are the winners of the Paso in Córdoba, Luis Judge and Rodrigo De Loredo, pre-candidates for senator and deputy of Cambiando Juntos, who also stayed due to an important difference with the internal one, and Mario Negri and Gustavo Santos, which competed with the Together for Córdoba list.

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As he was able to find out meeting was rather informal, lasted at least an hour and took place in a hotel in Villa Belgrano. “It was a very cordial meeting, to analyze the election and prepare a more important meeting that will be held as soon as possible next week,” said a space adviser. And it is “The photo” after the triumph of that political space in Sunday’s elections, where that force became the most voted.

Tweet from Luis Alfredo Juez

“Positive encounter to work together. We will meet with the whole team soon. There is much to do and it is together! ”, Say the publications in which they also used the same text.

And, it is a continuity of the exchange of greetings and praise that began on the same night on Sunday when Mario Negri acknowledged the defeat and congratulated his opponent with a view to the Senate, the candidate Judge. The Judge himself thanked this Monday for the gesture and was in favor of “working together” on the road ahead.

Tweet from Luis Alfredo Juez

With the triumph of Judge in the internal, a message was produced within the party, which from the national level had its highest figures supporting separately: former President Mauricio Macri gave his support to Negri, while Judge received it from of the holder of the PRO, Patricia Bullrich.

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And, although the Judge’s triumph over Negri opened many speculations and readings, already on Sunday he said, confirming his triumph and in a possible nod to Negri: “We did not come to retire anyone.”

Together for Change was the most voted force and had four internal lists: it achieved 47.55% (864,380) in the category for national deputies and 47.80 (869,130) for senators, resulting from the set of four lists; “Changing together”, Judge and De Loredo, obtained 57.47% (senators) and 58.60% (deputies); “Together for Córdoba, Negri (UCR) and Santos (PRO), 36.17% and 35.03%;” add “, Javier Bee Sellares-Laura Sema, 3.70 and 3.62%;” Social Democracy “, Griselda Baldata-Dante Rossi, 2.64% and 2.73%.

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