Brutal attack: knocked out a garage employee due to a scratch on his car

An employee of a parking lot in downtown Buenos Aires lost consciousness after being hit in the face by a young man that he rebuked him because he had found a scratch on his vehicle, police sources reported.

The event, which happened last Friday around 5 p.m. but was known this Thursday after the broadcast of a video from a security camera, occurred in the parking lot located on 800 Moreno Street, in the Monserrat neighborhood.

Police sources indicated that an employee of the place was accused by a young man who, according to witnesses, claimed him for a scratch on his vehicle.

In the images of the security camera, it is observed how the aggressor, accompanied by two other young people, hits him on the left side of the face, for which the man falls and hits the ground hard, leaving him unconscious in the place.

The victim was quickly transferred in an ambulance of the Medical Emergency Attention System (SAME) with a diagnosis of life-threatening head trauma with loss of consciousness.

The Prosecutor’s Office for Criminal, Misconduct and Misconduct, 12 under the charge of Sebastián Fedullo, ordered the identification of three vehicles that were parked in the garage and ordered that a police station guard to find the owners.

A woman who showed up to board her truck was delayed and after establishing that she was not linked to the event, she was released.

Meanwhile, a lawyer appeared in the parking lot on Wednesday saying that the two cars are the property of the alleged aggressor and his companions and that he would not give information about his clients until he communicated with the prosecution, the sources added.

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